New Travel Guidelines In Unlock 5: What all you need to know?

The center yesterday announced the 5.0 Unlock Policy which includes many things like reopening schools, cinemas, etc. they are allowed to work again.

The center has announced the next round of unlocking guidelines for India now that it is October. The main concern here, of course, is what is allowed again now? Well, in Unlock 5 a lot of things will now be allowed in India, including reopening of schools, cinemas, and a few other things. However, in this article we will focus on the travel policy of the Home Ministry. So come on, okay?

To be fair, the biggest changes among the 5 unlock policies have occurred in universities, schools, hotels, etc. . In addition, according to the MHA, cinemas, multiplex cinemas and exhibition halls could also be reopened.

International flights, and therefore international passenger air travel, are prohibited until October 31. This does not include any exceptions approved by MHA.

Indian states cannot conduct local closures outside containment zones without consulting the central government.

Unrestricted national and interstate traffic is already allowed, as is the movement of goods. It remains in force and individual authorization, electronic passport, electronic authorization, etc. is not required. also for that.

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