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Google Maps is a great navigation tool. At the same time, the Mountain View-based parent company is looking for ways to expand all the other sites.

Most recently, Google announced a collaboration with the British Film Institute (BFI) to develop a rather unique feature that will be added to Google Maps at the end of November.

Users can watch dozens of movies for free on Google Maps as long as they solve a little puzzle from the comfort of their couch.

Google Maps
Google Maps

In particular, Google and BFI have published the movies in various places on Google Maps. If you can find out where they are, you can view them for free.

These UK locations are linked to various details about the movies, such as: where they were placed. After finding them on the map, you can hit the play button and that’s it.

Google announces that it will run a series of ads where you can find the videos. These will be released later this month as part of the Google Pixel Presents Mobile Cinema launch.

A list compiled by Yahoo Movies shows that the videos that Google Maps users have free access to contain various blockbusters, including Skyfall, Boys Boys, Dog Soldiers, Pride, The Souvenir, and The English Patient.

It’s currently unclear if the service will be limited to users in the UK, but as with everything else on the internet, it’s likely only a matter of time before everyone finds a way to watch movies no matter where they are. find. Lifetime. Of course, expect the list of places where the movies can be found on Google Maps to appear on the internet shortly after the campaign starts in late November.

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