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Xiaomi MIUI Messaging App Urges Global ROM Users To Download Google Messages App

Xiaomi has been replacing its internal apps with Google’s Contacts, Messages and Dialer apps for some time.

However, this is limited to Xiaomi devices running global and European MIUI ROMs. However, the OEM has also stated this to improve user privacy.

The MIUI Messaging application will display a message allowing users to install the Google Messages application directly, as it enables messaging over WiFi, high-quality media sharing, etc.

It seems that global MIUI ROM users can now choose between MIUI messaging app and Google messages.

It should be noted that many users prefer Xiaomi’s internal applications and have even asked the OEM to retrieve these applications.

However, the OEM had previously mentioned that the transition was underway due to an updated policy and that standard MIUI applications would not fall back on global and European ROMs.

Apart from that, Xiaomi has improved the user experience in Google Apps by enabling features like native call recording. More about this here.
However, it is not clear if Xiaomi has really given in to user demands or if MIUI apps will continue to be replaced by Google apps on global MIUI ROMs.

Even so, we will continue to monitor all developments related to MIUI and provide updates as more information becomes available.

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