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With Zoom’s new safety feature, you can stop “zoom bombers” in their tracks.

With Zoom, you can now temporarily suspend meetings to turn off “zoom bombers” or annoying people, the company said in a blog post.

When the use of Zoom exploded during the pandemic, hoaxes and hackers found ways to get into Zoom calls and display shocking video and disturbing content, a practice known as “zoom blitz.” . With Zoom’s new security feature, you can interrupt a meeting to prevent incorrect content from being displayed, and also report zoom bombers to Zoom.

To suspend a meeting, click the security icon during a call, and then click Suspend Attendee Activity. When you do this, all video, audio, meeting talks, annotations, screen sharing and recordings will be paused and all meeting rooms will be closed, which should stop the activity. of the zoom bomber. From there, Zoom asks the host if they want to report a user. If so, that user will be removed from the meeting and the Zoom security team will be notified.

According to Zoom, the new feature is enabled by default for all free and paid users and is available in Zoom clients for Mac, PC, and Linux, as well as the Zoom mobile apps.

In April, Zoom announced a 90-day feature freeze to address privacy and security concerns on the platform that stemmed from the increased number of users relying on it during the pandemic. Many of the improvements Zoom made, including: B. Enabling waiting rooms by default for Basic, Single-License Pro, and Education accounts could help Zoom bombers infiltrate meetings.

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