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Microsoft Teams will no longer work for these users starting November 30th. Details inside

Microsoft Teams will no longer work with Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11) starting today, November 30, and millions of people using it with IE 11 will have to switch to a different browser. The announcement was made by the company in August and indicates that the Microsoft Teams web application will not work in this browser on November 30. The idea is to move team users to the new Microsoft Edge. According to the company, Edge will support all Microsoft 365 applications and is expected to deliver better and more innovative online experiences. It should be noted that Teams will be the first application to remove Internet Explorer as a browser. All Microsoft 365 apps will be available in Edge starting in August 2021.

Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams

“If the experience deteriorates, the new Microsoft 365 features will not be available or some features may stop working when you access the application or service through IE 11. While we know this change will be difficult for some customers, we believe that customers will get the most out of it. under Microsoft 365 using the new Microsoft Edge, ”the company said in its blog post. Microsoft added that the Edge platform will provide customers with faster and more responsive web access. This access extends to all functions of other applications such as Outlook and SharePoint with the exception of Teams.

With the changes made, Microsoft has rebuilt Edge on the open source Chromium engine. This means that support for the old Microsoft Edge Legacy will end (until March 9 of next year) and the newly created version will be available. According to Microsoft, the newly created Edge is pre-installed with Windows 10 version 20H2 and higher. Also, there are no longer any security updates for Microsoft Edge Legacy.

Starting in August 2021, Microsoft 365 applications and services will no longer be compatible with IE 11 and users will need to upgrade to Edge for continued support. Microsoft recommends the new Edge browser for users who use Microsoft 365 apps and services in IE 11 or who prefer the older Microsoft Edge browser. Offers a variety of support options to help users make the switch.

If the app is not available for IE 11, users will need to upgrade to the Edge platform now. The company has ensured that the transition is as smooth as possible.

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