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Google Pay launches NFC-based contactless card payment options in India

Google Pay has now enabled the option to add credit and debit cards as contactless payment methods for some users.


  • With Google Pay, users can now add their credit or debit card number as a contactless payment method.
  • Google Pay symbolizes all card numbers so they are safe and will not be disclosed.
  • However, this method only works for direct payments to merchants and not to people in general.
Google Pay
Google Pay

Google Pay users can now make contactless payments using the Near Field Communication (NFC) technology system that the tech giant is currently testing in India. Google Pay, which previously accepted a UPI-based payment method, offers users the option to add their card number for direct payment. According to reports and a Google support site, “Only Visa Axis cards and Visa SBI credit cards can be added to your payment methods. Currently, Google Pay does not support international cards.”

To add their credit or debit cards as an NFC payment option, Google users should: Go to Settings> Payment methods> Add card. Users are then required to provide the card number, expiration date, CVV, name, and billing address of the cardholder. As soon as you click Save, you will receive an OTP for confirmation. The option to pay with the NFC card method is currently not available to all users and is provided on the server side.

According to a Google support site, once the card number is entered correctly, Google Pay creates a virtual account number called a “token” that replaces the actual card number. The process known as tokenization can be used to pay merchants in daily transactions. However, to pay people directly or to send or receive money with other people, Google Pay users must still link a bank account, which will serve as the default payment method.

Once registered, users can use the contactless payment method, which can be used on NFC-enabled terminals to make contactless payments with a smartphone. The card can be used to make three types of payments: Tap and Pay (NFC), Bharat QR and Integrated Merchants.

According to a report from the Android Police, credentials are stored locally, which means that users have to set up their cards every time they reset their phone or get a new one. It is currently unclear if Google Pay will support more cards on the platform.

Google announced the NFC-based payment system at the Google for India event last year.

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