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Google is all set to introduce dark mode in Chrome OS.

Chrome OS is said to have a dark mode that is in high demand due to eyestrain and general readability.

Android Central was discovered on Google’s Canary Experimental Channel and reported that the Canary version of Chrome OS includes an experimental version of Chrome OS dark mode.

“It can only be accessed through Google’s ‘newest’ developer mode of the browser, but that could indicate that it will soon be ready for wider deployment,” the report said Sunday.

There are currently some bugs in dark mode as it is still being tested.

The dark mode seems to apply through the UI, not just as a darker background.

Google introduced dark mode for some of its services, including Gmail and Google Calendar. So it makes sense to introduce it for Chrome OS too.

Dark mode has been in high demand for all operating systems in recent years.

Google introduced dark mode last week for its assistant-enabled smart displays like the Nest Hub.

“The dark theme changes the color scheme of the user interface and reduces light emission, making your eyes lighter at night while giving you visual and tactile access,” the company said.

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