Vivo X50 Pro review: an all-rounder for camera enthusiasts

The Vivo X50 Pro is a mid-range phone that sits at the higher end of this spectrum and has many advantages of an attractive flagship. Starting at around $ 670, you can get a sharp screen, 5G, high-capacity battery, fast viewing, and fast charging.

The phone has a camera feature that certainly sets it apart from its competitors. The X50 Pro is the world’s first series phone with a built-in gimbal camera system that lets you record smooth and fast video with just one click. Of the three Vivo X50 phones that the Chinese phone maker markets as the flagship of professional photography, the X50 Pro is the only one with this futuristic feature.

But Vivo made some compromises. For example, it lacks stereo speakers (a big drawback for music lovers like me), and it isn’t waterproof like many phones in this class. It also has a mid-range processor (Snapdragon 765G) instead of the most advanced chipset available.

Vivo currently has no plans to launch the phone in the US. However, officially, the X50 telephones have been introduced to parts of Asia and Europe, making them relatively easy to import. Prices also vary by country, with the highest prices being in Western countries. In India, the base variant (with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage) starts at Rs 49,990 (around $ 670, £ 510, or AU $ 930). Europe, it starts at the equivalent of $ 780.

The X50 Pro’s gimbal camera offers

The X50 Pro has multiple rear cameras. The entire setup uses a gimbal system and a combination of optical image stabilization and electronic image stabilization to produce an incredibly stable video. Vivo claims that its gimbal system reduces shaking up to three times compared to traditional stabilization technology, thanks to a “double ball structure” that allows it to rotate in three axes.

The design of the X50 Pro is elegant and classic

While the design isn’t unique, Vivo’s X50 Pro is still a stylish phone with a classic aesthetic. I prefer designs like this because they are more durable than trends that lead to discolored envelopes (remember pop-up selfie cameras?). The X50 Pro has a large 6.56-inch curved screen with a discreet hole-punch selfie camera. The back is a more massive than average rectangular bulge that houses a quad-camera rear module and the phone’s title gimbal feature.

The X50 Pro is available in gray, which I love. Its subtle shine adds to the premium look of the phone. Overall, the X50 Pro is neither heavy nor exceptionally light, but it is relatively thin so that I can write emails and messages with one hand.

The X50 Pro’s display has a 90Hz higher refresh rate than most phones with 60Hz displays. It offers a silky smooth experience that I like, if not. Not as loud as the 120Hz displays on the OnePlus 8 Pro and Galaxy S20.

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