Vivo introduces new Android-based mobile operating system OriginOS.

Vivo today launched a new Android-based mobile operating system called OriginOS. OriginOS was announced at the 2020 Developer Conference and is focused on aesthetic overhaul, full customization, smooth user experience, and ease of use. According to Vivo, OriginOS uses familiar features with exciting new designs.

At first glance, Vivo seems to be inspired by iOS, especially the customizable widgets. Starting with Funtouch OS, OriginOS also features a revamped gesture system, better memory optimization, and a major cosmetic makeover, from new dynamic wallpapers to updated icons.

Speaking of home screen widgets in OriginOS, you can resize and customize them to fit the user. Additionally, they can change their appearance based on the weather and daylight, while the app’s widgets can display nano-warnings for notifications. Vivo’s new Android-based mobile operating system brings Multi-Turbo 5.0 technology to the table for memory optimization and management of system resources. The company also claims that OriginOS further refines the app loading experience.

Aesthetically, OriginOS also offers what Vivo calls behavioral wallpapers. These are basically animated background images that change color and shape depending on the time of day and the weather. For example, a young petal blooms throughout the day, which you can see in action in the following video:

OriginOS also has a redesigned Quick Actions panel that looks much cleaner. Vivo hasn’t detailed all of the changes OriginOS made yet, but the company promises a completely new design experience that looks much cleaner compared to FunTouch OS.

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