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Elon Musk to exhibit working Brain hacking gadget

Elon Musk has been working on a mind to a machine interface to give humans superhuman force. NeuraLink, one of his cerebrum hacking company, has been experimenting for a year now to produce such thing as X men Cerebro. Friday’s exhibitions will involve a robot and “neurons firing in real-time”. This device could give people access to control gadgets like phones and laptops with their psyche. Mr Musk has revealed a long term goal of “superhuman cognition”.

Humans have to converge with the AI to avoid the eradication of the human race. Neuralink emerged in 2017 and has been working to enrol researchers, which has been publicised by Mr Musk on Twitter. This Gadget that Neuralink is developing has been comprised of small tests contains 3000 electrodes or cathodes, which is joined to elastic strings thinner than human hair, which can monitor the activity of cerebral neurones.

The company has carried out tests on a monkey and claimed that it could control a computer with its brain. The company has also developed a “neurosurgical robot” which can embed 192 electrodes with consistency. An assistant professor at University of Pittsburgh Jennifer Collinger has explained that Mr Musk was trying to “truly disruptive technology in a difficult space of medical technology”.

Neuralink has significant resources and critically a team of scientists, engineers and clinicians working towards a common goal, which gives them a great chance of success,” she added. She said, “Even with these resources, medical-device development takes time, and safety needs to be a top priority, so I suspect the process may take longer than they have stated as their goals.”

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