Microsoft is working with Netflix to create new data science learning modules

With the need for more data scientists, ML professionals, and AI engineers in various growing industries, Microsoft partnered with Netflix to introduce three new learning modules to guide students through the concepts. Basic knowledge of data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Inspired by the new Netflix original movie “Over the Moon,” these learning modules cover three paths: planning a mission to the moon using the Python Pandas library; Forecast meteor showers with Python and VC code, and use AI to detect objects in images with Azure Custom Vision.

With the increasing demand for data scientists, there is a requirement to have a wide range of data analysis skills with no-code and low-code solutions to help them design and write complex ML models to solve some of the world’s toughest problems. planet. Planets With this in mind, Microsoft partnered with Netflix to introduce these modules to provide free, high-quality content that students can use to develop skills based on their career goals and personal interests.

According to the Microsoft blog, “One of those attempts to create an opportunity for you to learn and develop your skills is through unique partnerships. In the summer of 2020, we launched a series of Microsoft Learn modules at https://aka.ms/LearnInSpace, inspired by real NASA scientists and engineers. This fall, we are excited to present three more Microsoft Learn modules inspired by the new Netflix Original Over the Moon. “”

The film revolves around a young woman, Fei Fei, who wants to build a rocket ship on the moon to prove the existence of a legendary lunar goddess. “Like Fei Fei, use the data to plan your own mission to the moon. Make sure your rocket can not only get you there, but also get you and all of your moon rocks to Earth safely. Analyze and visualize data sets using popular methods for cleaning data using Python in Visual Studio Code, ”added the blog post.

According to Microsoft, the learning modules in the Microsoft tutorial will help students build a predictive machine learning model by using a space-related dataset on meteor showers or by using artificial intelligence to reuse the camera on the moon rover. Students can also search for Fei Fei Bungee’s friend on the lunar surface before it is time to return to Earth.

When asked about Netflix, Magno Herran, director of UCAN Marketing Partnerships, said that the company is delighted to be working with Microsoft to bring some of the space challenges mentioned in the film to life with a real-life technology application, this new Microsoft. Learn the way.

According to the media, even though the film Over the Moon features a young child, the film’s script and technical learning are very appealing to development professionals and higher education students, Charlotte said. Yarkoni, Corporate Vice President of Cloud + AVOIR. However, the learning model mentioned that some coding skills are recommended, but not required for progress.

With the launch of its Global Skills Initiative, Microsoft aims to help 25 million people around the world acquire new digital skills. Since that announcement, the company has helped 10 million people learn skills to better manage digital transformation.

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